Affordable Faux Wood Venetians Blinds

Blinds are the best window treatment for when you decide to upgrade your space, like home or office. As they add an elegant and classy look to the room. But, choosing the right type of blind can sometimes become overwhelming. Wooden blinds are no doubt the best choice to renovate your home or office room. But, if you are thinking to buy wood and faux wood blinds in Yorkshire, there are certain differences between Wood and Faux Wood Blinds is what you definitely need to know before making any decision.


Wood blinds are made from real wood, which gives your space a more natural look. Wood blinds bring a natural feel to your room. The blinds offer a fine and textured appearance. Wood blinds are undeniably the best choice for home window blinds because they are lightweight, easy to install, and easy to maintain. Wood blinds also allow ventilation, which makes them a good option to install in homes. Specifically, in rooms with wooden furniture, wood blinds complement the interior adding a touch of sophisticated detail.

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Faux wood blinds are an alternative to wood blinds, meaning that the slats of these blinds are water-resistant. Manufactured from PVC or vinyl material, Faux Wood Blinds gives the appearance of real wood blinds. The core of these blinds is wooden made, but they are covered with high tech polymer layering on the top. This gives the blinds a durable property and resistance to water and fire. The Faux wood blinds are modern and contemporary. These blinds can be installed anywhere in the home as they are easy to install and clean.


The main factors which contribute to the difference between Wood and Faux Wood Blinds are:

  • DURABILITY AND VERSATILITY: Both wood and faux wood blinds can live long, but faux wood blinds can sustain more warps, cracks, and fadedness which makes them more durable and versatile.
  • SUNLIGHT AND PRIVACY CONTROL: The opaque material of wood blinds makes them a better choice for homeowners who prefer to keep the sunlight blocked. Also, the structure of the blinds also gives them good privacy control property.
  • WEIGHT: In terms of weight, wood blinds are lightweight. Therefore, it is best to install wood blinds for huge windows as the heavyweight of faux wood blinds can become a reason to cause hindrance in the installation and maintenance process.
  • MAINTENANCE: It is easier to clean and maintain faux wood blinds as it only requires a few minutes to brush the dust away from these blinds. Whereas, wood blinds need to cleaned and dusted regularly.
  • AFFORDABILITY: The use of real wood in wood blinds makes them cost high. However, faux wood blinds are much cheaper and affordable than wood blinds, as these blinds are designed for everyday use.

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